The preferred example is Dee’s Sigillum Dei Aemeth

The brand new severe heptagram can often be known as Elven Celebrity and/or Faerie Star possesses started generally implemented from the Otherkin, people who trust they’ve been supernatural beings particularly elves, fairies, or dragons swept up inside the person government.

Heptagrams and heptagons are commonly utilized in John Dee’s program off Enochian angel magic, that’s strongly rooted in sets of 7.


An effective hexagram having equidistant situations is exclusive inside geometry whilst cannot be taken unicursally-as opposed to training and you will repositioning the fresh new pen. Instead, overlapping several triangles forms hexagrams.

Brand new half dozen-directed celebrity try an excellent mandala symbol found on southern Indian Hindu temples, symbolizing just the right meditative state out of harmony. The latest six-indicated Celebrity from David symbolizes God’s code along the world, and also in the Mormon chapel are signifies Jesus interacting with toward individuals and you will humans getting into the Goodness.

Unicursal Hexagram

The factors of your unicursal hexagram, a six-indicated superstar that can be consumed you to continuing way, commonly equidistant together with traces aren’t off equal size (in Russian dating sites lieu of a fundamental hexagram). It does, however, fit into the a group along with half dozen issues coming in contact with the circle.

Brand new unicursal hexagram is usually illustrated that have an excellent five-petaled flower from the cardio, a mathematical version produced by Aleister Crowley and you may associated with the faith regarding Thelema. Location a little pentagram on the hexagram’s center is another variation.

Enneagram from Overlapping Triangles

An enthusiastic enneagram is actually an effective 9-directed star, have a tendency to from the a branch from believe known as the Next Method, that has been designed in this new twentieth millennium. Designed by about three overlapping triangles, it can show an effective trinity away from trinities, symbolic of holiness or spiritual conclusion.

An enthusiastic enneagram might also be utilized once the symbolic of common wholeness, with each section symbolizing an earth, as the 2006 downgrading regarding Pluto in order to a dwarf world complicates such as symbolization.

Baha’i Enneagram

Just like the four-pointed superstar ‘s the certified symbol of the Baha’i faith, the fresh 9-pointed star is frequently of this faith that will be put as user symbol into the the You.S. website. There isn’t any simple style on star. It’s portrayed right here made of about three overlapping equilateral triangles, however, similarly good depictions can use often crisper or shallower bases towards factors. The preferred direction was section-right up.


An effective s. Which shows the brand new relationship away from opposites, while the part-up-and point-off pentagrams has actually their own meanings. A good pentagram can represent the 5 elements, and a may portray the good and down sides of all of the the sun and rain.


The number a dozen has many prospective significance. It will be the quantity of months around, representing a yearly cycle and its completion and wholeness. This is the amount of Jesus’ disciples, therefore it is a common amount within the Christianity, plus the totally new level of Hebrew tribes, making it common for the Judaism.

But a great a dozen-sided shape most frequently is short for brand new zodiac, that is split into a dozen signs. Those twelve signs try split up into four communities acknowledged by points (around three fire cues, about three water cues, etc.), thus a dodekagram composed of four overlapping triangles (represented here) work instance better. A dodekagram composed of one or two overlapping hexagons may be used to divide the zodiac signs by female and male services.

This new positioning of a triangle will be important to their meaning. Point-right up triangles depict a robust base or balance. Earth and liquid icons is designed from point-up triangles; leading upward stands for the brand new ascent to paradise. The point-upwards triangle may also represent men opportunity, and fire and air try male elements.

Brand new heptagram can depict the latest 1 week of your week. Regarding Judeo-Christian framework, it could be symbolic of completion, given that market was developed inside the eight-big date few days.