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They are also known as the 10 commandments and were finally termed “middot” or “attributes” by conservative schools and “sefiroth” by liberal neo-orthodoxy groups. They were conceptualized by Kabbalists as 10 components of the Creation that play a role in the creation of the spiritual heavens and earth. When they are activated, Ruach dwells in the Most Holy Place known as Makom.

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I have been studying these aleph tav words; and I find it highly interesting that in over 10,000 uses, it is described as a direct object pointer. This concoction has been passed down through millennia and does grave disservice to anyone studying the Word. This word many times doesn’t get translated into English at all because of the lack of clarity to its meaning.

Postscript: “I am the Aleph-Tav”?

The word itself gives the storyline in the “strength” of “covenant” as “water rushed.” Think of the Aleph Tav like a computer’s “source code” which is hidden and not DOGE seen. Yet, behind the scenes, the source code gives every computer its instruction and provides the user with what is needed to complete the task.

The Holy Bible is unlike any other book because its messages are from the eternal voice of our Creator. It’s time to forget the blank page that divides your Bible. Study, read, hear and live in the spirit of the Kingdom constitution of The Father. To begin your journey with “the strength of the covenant” just download the study and share it freely because the only copyright here is your right to copy.

That particular additional letter is a “vav” and is a letter used to join and link the subjects or clauses. In this case, the “vav” is connecting the heavens and the earth. It is a nail or peg, which is an instrument of joining, attaching, and securing things. Christ connected the heavens and the earth through His death and resurrection, as it was in the beginning and foretold it would be again by the prophet Isaiah. Shari Cyphers According to Owlcation, Tamarajo, author, aleph and tav are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It means not only the spoken Word, and the Written Word of Elohiym, but every Word in His contemplation, and its marker in the sacred scriptures is to denote that the referenced object of the mark had been written first in the heavens.

Aleph Tav

Was the Lord promising to utterly blot out Jesus from under heaven? Father is looking for people who will humble themselves and obey Him and allow Him to fill them with His spirit. Character Symbol in order to grasp a possible more profound understanding of what the author was trying to express relative to the Yah-head.

contained in ordinances

When Jesus said, “I am the Aleph and the Tav,” He was saying I am the Word, that was in the beginning. In the first line of the Torah, in the first line of the first verse in Genesis, He was there with God! He was in the beginning and all things were created through Him. In the Hebrew language the word et, that has been untranslatable for thousands of years, is spelled Aleph Tav. John obviously understood this connection of the beginning and the end as he wraps up the first few verses of Genesis in the following writing at the opening of the fourth Gospel, and relates them to the Lord Jesus Christ.

The letter TAV

Each letter in Hebrew has a unique pictographic meaning and number. The letters Aleph and Tav אֵת literally portray their meaning as “the strength of the covenant.” In my Scripture studies I’ve found theאֵתAleph and Tav. I want to share an exciting “finding” about the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet, they are theאֵתAleph and Tav. The Alpha and the Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek Alphabet, just as the Aleph and the Tav are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. According to the Jesus’ Signature Theorists, Jesus was speaking to John in Hebrew and not in Greek, and so Jesus must have been saying that he is the Aleph-Tav as found in the Hebrew Bible.

And one of these teachings is about the shed BLOOD of Jesus that was shed to ESTABLISH the New Covenant. This is WHY the children of Israel were instructed to apply the BLOOD of the Passover lamb to the door frame of their house as a SIGN. Again, the letters of any alphabet are used to form WORDS.


For you see, there are some other Hebrew words that were not translated in the King James Version. Now let us take a look at some very familiar verses from the Old Testament Scriptures that we KNOW refer to Jesus our Messiah. We all know that Jesus was PIERCED in his side by the spear of the Roman soldier.

aleph tav meaning Tav is a Hebrew word used to indicate that something is a particular thing (something like the difference between using the article “a” and “the” – one is more general than the other). It means the noun to which it is applied is a very particular one. Actually, Aleph Tav does not mean anything in particular in the ordinary sense. However, it was strangely peppered throughout the Bible.

As we shall see it is more likely the sign of the covenanted presence of the Lord Jesus as it concerns the events of the text. If you are familiar with the Greek language or church symbols, you might notice that the image above depicts the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet which are Alpha and Omega on each side of the cross. This is not in conflict with the Aleph and Tav in the title of this writing which are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet otherwise known as the Aleph-Bet. It occurs over 7000 times in the OT but is never translated into English.

Phoenician (Abraham’s https://www.beaxy.com/) is the root language for modern Hebrew (paleo-Canaanite). ‘Aleph’ in Phoenician is the pictograph of an Ox and means strength. Tav is the last letter of the Alephbet , while Aleph is the first . In the last book of the Bible, Christ calls Himself the Aleph Tav, or Alpha and Omega . This document presents the details of the days of the Creation through the “Reading Grid” detailed in chapter 1, and proposes an analogy with the cosmic cycles at work.

Aleph Tav with Single Hebrew Letter PREFIXES

In other words, Jesus is saying that he is the two UNTRANSLATED Hebrew letters, the Aleph, and the Tav, in the Hebrew SCRIPTURES which point to him. For you see, these two untranslated Hebrew letters, the Aleph, and the Tav can be found from the FIRST verse in Genesis to the LAST verse in Malachi. And that I why Jesus said he was the FIRST and the LAST, the BEGINNING and the END, the Alpha and the Omega.

  • In this sentence, the action of the verb “loves” is being done to the noun “Simon”.
  • Yet,it is time that they be seen because the אֵת serve a big purpose in the Word of God as two witnesses over 7,000 times throughout the Torah, the Prophets and the Writings.
  • So eating the flesh of Jesus simply means BELIEVE that he died on the cross for your sins.
  • I have a very simple question, “if the aleph tav is simply a direct object pointer, why isn’t it in every verse throughout the old testament that has a transitive verb with direct objects”?

And from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler over the kings of the earth. I have declared the former things from the beginning; and they went forth out of my mouth, and I showed them; I did them suddenly, and they came to pass… The third and final occurrence reveals where we are headed next with all of its connections to “the beginning.”

Contention at the Well – The wells which Isaac dug correspond to … – Chabad.org

Contention at the Well – The wells which Isaac dug correspond to ….

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This is where I think the original argument breaks down. Requiring AT to have symbolic meaning everywhere or not have a symbolic meaning anywhere, is a false dichotomy. It would be like requiring “door” to represent Jesus in every mention of that word in the Bible or ignore the symbolism when Jesus uses it. We should not be so nonchalant as to dismiss all of William Sanford’s work, as I see a “donate” button here.

In set theory, the Hebrew aleph glyph is used as the symbol to denote the aleph numbers, which represent the cardinality of infinite sets. This notation was introduced by mathematician Georg Cantor. In older mathematics books, the letter aleph is often printed upside down by accident, partly because a Monotype matrix for aleph was mistakenly constructed the wrong way up. ‎”It has become standard for a hamza followed by a long ā to be written as two alifs, one vertical and one horizontal.” (the “horizontal” alif being the maddah sign).

TAV receives all the Aleph Energy that nothing material can contain. Tav receives Sheen and sends back data to Aleph, which initiates motion and animation in the spiritual invisible creation. I came across your website after googling “the hidden aleph and tav scripture”.

What is the Aleph Tav in the Old Testament?

The Aleph-Tav is also the Hebrew character symbol believed to be the signature of Christ found only in the Hebrew Bible, represented by the head of a bull and the sign of a cross. Both character symbols clearly point us to Christ, the Lamb of God who died for humanity on the cross of Calvary.

Just because we do not perfectly aleph tav meaning every single verse in the Bible does not mean that those verses have no significance. I believe that the Aleph Tav verses are worth the time to study and to search out their true meaning in the LIGHT of all the Aleph Tav verses. For you see, our interpretation of the Aleph Tav verse must ALSO agree with the WHOLE word of Almighty God. Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet and a symbol of the Holy Palace. It extends into the letter Yodh which is number 10 of the Hebrew alphabet. These 10 are the “Dibburim”- of Genesis in the “Let there be Light” monologue.

We also have the word Hear, or listening or paying attention. Except for faithful Jewish people, most of the rest of us among the nations have only seen or read translations of the Bible that are in fact translations of translations. In fact, most English Bibles are translated from “Greek” including the Septuagint which was translated from “Hebrew” manuscripts well over 2,000 years ago. Due to this translation “babel” from Hebrew to Greek and English, there is much to re-learn about God’s word its the herald of Messiah.


I could easily do this same thing in German, but I will save this for another blog post. In English, we get our word alphabet from the word Father, or Abba in Hebrew. Abba has the root spelling in Hebrew Aleph Bet, or Strong House. Sequences of letters , or the Father of the Son writing the Word . In English, the letter A has its origin with the Phoenician letter Aleph.